Lee  Dyer

I went out wandering,

but the feeling stayed

so I'm treading time

          meanwhile trading

the safer bet for a sugar cube.

I'll be back around when the weather cracks open

To see if anything's changed.

The days between walk fast 

                            leaving imprints

                                 on the back of eyelids.

And no one knows where I went

Or why the long silence..


Over the past decade I've been in a wide variety of bands from folk to funk, rock to reggae, and have even hosted my own modest music festival  

                   BIG WOOD SHOW DAY

I currently have 8 albums for sale along with a brief description of the projects they came from all available HERE, and I'm looking forward to making more as I continue to write and record.





I have had the amazing experience of playing with some very talented Jazz professionals like Dan Jacobs, Chris Bickley, Steve Turre, and Kelly Rossum. For a year I also hosted my own Jazz jam in Charlevoix, MI and had the pleasure of playing with several other local jazz men and woman. Now I'm experiencing New Orleans and the gumbo it all came from.

© 2014 by Lee Dyer