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Bring your songs to life!

I turn rough drafts into

polished full band rock songs.

Songs that sound

like they belong on the radio,

but don't sound like

everything else on the radio.

When I say rock, I mean

Anything from The Beatles

To Radiohead

To Courtney Barnett.

Rock With Character

Photo Credit: Myrna Jacobs

StrangeDan Campbell
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Only A DreamErin Dawn
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 What does your song need?

      Bass? Drums? Backing vocals  (male/female)?

                Mandolin?  Electric guitar? Keyboards?    


                        someTHING else!?

Do you want your song to sound full

but don't have a band?


Let's talk it over. Check out my portfolio and see how we can turn a simple phone recording into a fully produced mixed and mastered single. 


Hit me up!

Whether you book a project or not,

I'd love to hear what you're working on.


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