Hi, I'm Lee

A fullstack software engineer specializing in React, Flask, and Node.js

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Current Projects:

Aunt Vicki

A React/Typscript website for Asheville Band Aunt Vicki. Implemented flickr API to load and display various sized photos available for download. Utilized Paypal API to process merch payments.


A Flask web-scraping app that tracks local venues and displays them all on one easily sorted page. Uses Beautiful-Soup and Playwright for the scraping, and a postgresql database to store and sort.

Write A Bad Song

A React social-media site for songwriters. Utilizes Socket.io for live messaging, notifications, and feed update. Encourages songwriting through collaboration and monthly prizes.

Pong Pong

A P5Js Node.js remake of a classic arcade game. Pong Pong uses Socket.io and a node express server for game loop logic.

About Me

Hello! I am a Full Stack Software Engineer at Tiny Sun, a recording and production studio. I have over two years experience developing user-friendly, reliable, and scalable web applications using React & Flask and I’d love to talk with you more.


  • *Javascript
  • *Typescript
  • *Python
  • *HTML
  • *CSS
  • *React
  • *Axios
  • *Flask
  • *Express
  • *Beautiful Soup
  • *Playwright
  • *Socket.io
  • *SQLAlchemy
  • *P5.js
  • *Tkinter
  • *Tailwind
  • *Material-UI
  • *Node.js
  • *Firebase
  • *Netlify
  • *Render
  • *Glitch
  • *ElephantSQL
  • *Communication
  • Three.js
  • *Problem Solving
  • *Teamwork
  • *Creativity
  • *Adaptability
  • *Time Management

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